analsexonly: She had never had vaginal sex, st…


She had never had vaginal sex, starting with anal years ago and sticking with it because it was easy and safe birth control and it felt so good, she just hadn’t been that interested in using her pussy, but she didn’t think about it that much. When she heard about Anal Only April, though, she discovered that there were a lot more people who only did anal, and that they were proud of it as their identity. She had to admit that the idea really appealed to her, and she decided to start calling herself an anal only girl and choose to stay that way indefinitely. Maybe she’d use her pussy if she ever wanted to have kids, but to have sex it would always be anal for her.

To celebrate, and for Anal Only April, she decided she would fulfill one of her biggest fantasies—to fuck two men at once, and of course without her pussy being involved.